carry me on

lightanddark upanddown myLove extends bends covers every inch of You inchingcloser count -ing sec- onds ev- ery breath a softconfession of This(strongLove) i have for You i have for You a simple wish (carry me on) your lips say my name,blowakiss let me Live in yourHeart's abyss I wrote this for my husband after sharing... Continue Reading →

Lizard in my backyard

5 November 2013   Its belly dragged ​along the ground ​​as it danced forward ​​​each foot guiding its wave- ​​​​like movement   back and forth, side to side ​a belly dancer with a shiny shimmy tail glistening in ​​​the sun. Both  nearly blocked my vision ​​​​to  the act I was to witness   Its gleam... Continue Reading →

I Pass

Do you think I look up to you  perched on your high horse saying it's my choice  to love more than one and that choice is wrong? Do you think it's okay to shout, "You're not gay!  Stop sinning, start winning my praise!"  as if your praise is what I spend my days longing for?... Continue Reading →


Does it make you uncomfortable
 to digest this defective conception
 that we, with two flowers, stems,
 and one humble home for some 
potential someones ~flower children~
 must collect the soft pillow
 they’d have laid their little heads on
 in a soppy, sloppy bandage,
 or else cork the very rite of passage 
they didn’t go through,... Continue Reading →

To A Young Girl

Listen closely, pretty girl, to these words. Others will lie and say they are not true and that you must focus your energy on keeping that pretty look. But that is a lie. You might think that you are less than the girl with blue eyes or blonde hair or clear skin or subtle curves... Continue Reading →

Promise Ring

Sounds like bells drip off your lips pooling into a pond of promise. Vows ring out of golden tulips singing sweet petal soft sonnets. Whispers become songs from sanctuary towers chiming a reminder of time. With time comes growth and volume rises lifting you up Liberty’s spine. In this tower lives a bell so bulbous... Continue Reading →

Abuelo’s Wordplay

Ahora no se dice panetela. Se dice patenela. ¿Pa tener que? yo digo To have what? A sense of humor, I imagine is not enough. La panetela, he says Y tu no tienes catarro. Tienes carrato. ¿Cada rato? I ask. Si, de vez en cuando. So, I can have my cake and eat it, too... Continue Reading →

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