Spring Cleaning, Business Edition

Hello world!

This week my husband and I went through our clothes and other things and one by one decided how often, if ever, we use them and which were worth keeping. I purged a lot of clothes and shoes and it feels GOOD.

And that turned my mind towards another aspect of my life that could use some sprucing up: my biz.

As an artist, structure and scheduling is both stifling and necessary. I constantly have to balance keeping to my schedule and taking time to do what I’m inspired to do in the moment. I can’t ignore inspiration, so if that means drawing during scheduled writing time so be it. But having a general outline of how I should be going about my days is essential to consistent content output.

And part of that structure involves stepping back and reassessing what’s working and what’s not. And that’s where I am right now.

After reflecting and making this Patreon post, I realized that I spend more time on Patreon than anywhere else, and yet get the least amount of engagement there. My reasoning was always that those fans/supporters are paying for exclusive content, so they deserve more than everyone else. And that’s still true. But they do have access to more content on Patreon whether I post once a week or five times (as I’ve been doing, and five is A LOT).

And so I have a new plan of action: refocus my energy.

Here’s what that will look like:

  • Downsize Patreon
    • 2 posts per week instead of 5
    • weekly coloring sheets and works in progress/timelapses
  • Emphasize Instagram
    • post at least 5 times per week
    • restart haiku with line art posts
  • Refocus on writing
    • commit to my weekly blog posts
    • write daily (poetry or novel work)

Additionally, on May 1st when my sale is over, I will be adjusting prices on my most popular product: Pop Art Portraits. When I first started doing them at $45 I was adding little to no values and keeping them pretty flat. So they were a lot easier to churn out. But lately I’ve found myself adding more dimensionality to those pieces thus increasing the time it takes to finish them. So, naturally, if I take more time to create a better product, it should cost a bit more.

New prices coming May 1st:

  • Flat Color Pop Art
    • Single person/animal – $45
    • Couple – $55
    • Group – $65
  • Value Color Pop Art
    • Single – $95
    • Couple – $105
    • Group – $115

This line of work is a lot of learning as you go, and I’m still very much at the beginning. But I do think these changes will be a step in the right direction. I hope you all agree too!

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