Birthday Thoughts: 28

Originally posted on Patreon.

28. Late 20s. Approaching the end of a decade.

People sometimes say that the 20s are for figuring things out and the 30s are for enjoying the results. I’m pleased to say that I feel ahead of the game in the figuring things out department. I don’t really agree with these social timelines, but I’m glad that I can dedicate these next two years to fully pursuing my goals as an artist and writer.

It’s interesting to reach a point in your development where you actually feel confident as an adult. I feel like I truly know myself as a woman and love who I’m continuing to grow into. 

So who am I? I can use trite generalizations: wife, artist, poet, friend. But who I really am is someone who, after many years of dedication to loving and caring for others, loves and cares for herself. Being my own best friend has allowed me to grow in strength and ability in taking care of my symptoms. I won’t say that I no longer need anyone else because I would certainly appreciate and benefit from counseling and I 100% need my psychiatrist to give me my medications. But I have become self-sufficient in moments of crisis. I have become self-aware enough to sense when I’m reaching a breaking point so that I can take a step back before it escalates. And for me that is everything.

So what are some highlights of year 27? I feel like a majority of this year has been dedicated to helping my husband with his Air Force application process. Now he’s sworn in and he’ll be starting basic training soon. My husband and I have also made efforts to downsize our things this year. We are aiming towards being as minimalistic as possible which will be a huge help in our new military lifestyle. But we’ve done a lot for me this year, too.

I’ve participated in multiple art shows and tabling events and have really grown my business. I wrote a children’s story (now in the editing process). And I’ve had the pleasure of growing closer to my friends. I’ve stretched out of my comfort zone to really follow through on friend dates and spending quality time with those closest to me.

All in all, I’m proud of the growth I’ve had in year 27 both as a professional and as a person. I’m excited about what the end of my 20s will bring and all of the progress I have yet to make.

Here’s to aging! May we always embrace it and cherish every moment that comes our way.

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