New Product! Silhouette portraits

Hello everyone!

I was at IKEA the other day with my hubby and saw some silhouette prints for sale and I thought it was a cute minimalistic decoration. But wouldn’t people prefer to have silhouettes of loved ones or themselves? It’s a pretty simple process to create, so I can make these at a really affordable price!

These examples are in the classic black and white, but I can make these with any color combinations you’d like! It can even be a rainbow! Let’s have fun with these!

They will be a flat rate of $10 per face regardless of color(s) or subject. An 8×10 print on archival matte paper can also be ordered for an additional $10. Other sizes are available, as well as other printing surfaces (i.e. canvas), so let me know if you have other preferences!

You can order one here or email me at with details of what you’d like!

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