a note from Earth

My lungs are on fire
but like second hand smoke
this cancer was not started
by me. I give trees
and fields and streams
of tears flowing into oceans
of love for you and your fellows
you hardly see as friends.
You who thinks you reign supreme
over all others you share this body
with, yet they are the only ones
that actually stand with me. For me.
Your speciesism is as evident
as your selfish moves
making capital on every inch
of my body you touch, you take.
But listen. My lungs are breathing air
for you and my friends, and though I’ll be sad
to see their end, I will burn a fever
so high that none will survive.
I will burn this virus called humans
to save my barren soul and soil.
This is way past a warning,
this is a scream at the top of my
burning lungs that if you don’t stop
this outrageous wasting of life
the life that will be lost
is yours.

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