Mermay 2019, Days 1-14

My goal has been to write an essay type blog post every Saturday for this site, but my flu is kicking my ass and making my head fuzzy. So for now, enjoy this compilation of art for #Mermay2019, days 1 through 14.

Day 1: Extravagant
A digital illustration of a pink skin-toned mermaid with teal hair and fin, a pale blue sea shell bra, a gold crown, and pearl jewelry. She has her right arm on her hip and is holding a mirror in her left.
Day 2: Rascal
A digital illustration of a mermaid kitten. The upper half of its body is of a taupe tabby cat with green eyes and its paws curled up and the lower half is a green fin.
Day 3: Rockabilly
A digital illustration of a mermaid with seafood green skin, a magenta fin and hair bow, black hair in an up-do, and a black with pink polka dot halter top.
Day 4: Star Wars
A digital illustration of a Jawa as a mermaid. Their fin and hands are black and their face is dark under their hood. They have bright yellow eyes and a burgundy hooded cloak. They are holding a Jawa gun in their left hand and have two utility straps in an X across their torso.
Day 5: Cinco De Mayo
A digital illustration of a mermaid with brown skin and a green fin. She has black hair in an up-do with a floral hairpiece. They are wearing a white top and skirt with a red and green stripe.
Day 6: Taco Tuesday
A digital illustration of a mermaid and merdog. The mermaid has long pink hair, gold skin, a pastel violet fin, and pink top. The merdog is a tan Chihuahua with an ice blue fin. The mermaid is feeding a taco to her dog with her left hand and petting them with her right.
Day 7: Aquabat
A digital illustration of a half bat half fish creature. The upper half of the body is a dark gray bat with its wings outstretched and the lower half is a dark gray fin.
Day 8: Squid
A digital illustration of a creature with a woman’s face and torso and tentacle hands and squid legs. Her hair is in a cone formation like a squid’s.
Day 9: French Baguette
A digital illustration of a taupe colored French Bulldog with a fin instead of legs. They are wearing a black and white striped tee shirt, red bandana, and are holding and munching on a baguette.
Day 10: Tropical
A digital painting of a mermaid with gold skin, green hair, and an orange to red fin. She is holding a mango in her hands and looking at it quizzically with her green eyes.
Day 11: Stretch
A digital illustration of Alyssa’s dog Ella as a merdog in an upward dog stretch. She has black ears and a fully white body and fin.
Day 12: Mother’s Day
A digital illustration of Alyssa as a mermaid holding her dog and cat in her arms. She has pale skin, pink hair, and a pink fin. Her dog is licking her face and her cat is snuggled in her left arm.
Day 13: Monday
A digital illustration of a blue merman holding a to-go cup of coffee. He has a tired expression and slumped shoulders.
Day 14: Hootenanny
A digital illustration of a country styled mermaid with red hair, a teal plaid top, pastel red fin, a brown cowboy hat, and holding a brown banjo.

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