I’m a RAW Artist!

How can I even describe the excitement I’m feeling?

I have been hand selected by RAW Artists to participate in their next Miami showcase. *screaming*

This is an incredible opportunity for me as an artist to really promote my work, network with other artists, make some new fans, and hopefully make some sales! I jumped onto this like my cat jumps on ribbon.

I went to a RAW event last year to support my friend and it was such a great time. There were live performances from singers and dancers as well as a fashion show. RAW showcases craft vendors, visual artists, musicians, dancers, hair and makeup artists, film makers, and fashion designers at their events. It’s so eclectic and enriching, and a great way to support local artists.

I’ve already been preparing by ordering prints, business cards, an artist feature poster, a credit card reader, and packaging supplies. If I have any prints left over after the show I’ll put them up on Etsy. If I don’t I’ll definitely be ordering some more!

Artist Feature Poster

I am actually giving away at least 20 prints to those that buy tickets through my link. I need to have 20 tickets sold by April 18th to secure my spot so I’m giving a print to every buyer AND 50% off their next commission order. Can you tell how much I want to make this happen?

Needless to say, if you’re going to be in South Florida on April 25th I would LOVE to have you come out to the show and support my work! If you aren’t local, though, and still want to show some support you can actually sponsor someone else to go! How cool is that? Definitely reach out to me if you’re interested in doing that.

And if you can’t afford to buy a ticket but still want to show some support, I am actually giving an incentive for that too! Anyone who shares my link on social media is being entered into my next give away! All you have to do is tag me (@alymediavilla) in your post!

I can’t wait to put this all together. Besides being an awesome career opportunity, RAW shows are so enriching and make me feel like I’m in my element. This is going to be a fantastic experience.

As always, thank you for your support!



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