Publishing Schedule

This month has already been quite the roller coaster! What with starting Patreon and my recent You Tube channel and a few commissions, I’ve been working hard to find my rhythm. After careful consideration, I think I have determined a good publishing schedule that will give everyone a steady flow of content and keep me with a reasonably spaced out work load. I really really love alliteration, you guys, so I’ve thought of something fun for nearly every day of the week! Here’s what you can expect on a given week:

Mental Health Mondays

Every Monday, staring on December 24th (Happy Noche Buena to all my Latinx folx!), I will post a new video to You Tube covering a topic under the theme of Mental Health. These videos will be a place for me to talk through certain aspects of my own mental illnesses while also shedding light on mental health as a whole. I hope these videos will serve as a tool for others to learn about the importance of mental health care and help to end the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

Time-lapse Tuesdays and Patreon Posts

The first Tuesday of every month I will post a time-lapse video on You Tube.

On Patreon, I will alternate between time-lapse videos and coloring sheet PDF posts on Tuesdays. So the first and third Tuesday of the month will have time-lapse video posts, and the second and fourth Tuesday of the month will have printable PDF coloring sheets.

Wednesday Wisdom

Every Wednesday I will share a small bit of wisdom I’ve learned on my Instagram Stories. These can be little bits of wisdom about anything under the sun! Anyone interested in me answering a specific question or covering a certain topic on a Wednesday Wisdom post is welcome to reach out to me with their ideas!

Thursday Thoughts and Patreon Posts

Starting next month I will post a general topic video on You Tube on the third Thursday of every month. These vlog posts will be about anything that has been on my mind, and I welcome any ideas you guys have that you’d like me to share my thoughts on!

On Patreon, I will alternate between poem/thoughts/or excerpts and art works in progress (WIP) posts on Thursdays. So the first and third Thursday of the month will have poem, thoughts, or writing excerpt posts. The second and fourth Thursdays will have WIP posts.

Feminist Fridays

Every Friday, starting on December 21st, I will post a You Tube video covering a topic under the theme of feminism. Like my mental health videos, these will be a place for me to discuss feminist issues based on my own experiences and resources I’ve learned from. I hope these videos will serve to educate others on the importance of feminism and help raise awareness on important issues.

Saturday Songs

This one is more for fun than anything else because we all need a little fun in our lives! So I will end every month with a bang by sharing a new video of me singing on the last Saturday of every month. Definitely send me requests so I can sing something you’d like to hear!

Website Updates

I will also be ending the months with a website update. This may include new essays, poems, or visual pieces that I have worked on throughout the month. I may break this rule, however, if inspiration strikes and there is a piece I feel compelled to share with you before the month’s end.

So this is the tentative schedule! I will try it out and assess my progress at the end of January to see if I need to make any tweaks for the rest of the year. I hope you enjoy the content I put out and have fun looking forward to my scheduled posts!

With love,


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