Motivational Lettering

I tried something a little different this week with hand lettering designs to share on Instagram over the next few days. As a person living with mental illness I want to do my part in reminding others that who they are today is already worthy of love, care, and support. A person’s value is not measured by their productivity. In fact, it shouldn’t be measured at all. We are all valuable and deserving of whatever it is that we need. True equity means that everyone should have access to the assistance they need to achieve the same opportunities.

These are a major part of my core beliefs, but sometimes I forget to apply them to myself. So as much as these designs are intended to inspire my followers, they are also meant to remind me that whether or not I did anything “productive” I am still deserving of the care that I need. We are human. We are allowed to not always be 100%.

With love,


You don’t need to finish that task, or reach that goal, or hit that mark to be worthy. You are enough right now.
You don’t have to be 100% at all times.

My favorite quote by Joseph Campbell

Your value is not measured by your productivity. You are a person who needs love and empathy, and that is enough to give you value.

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