So I Want To Write A Blog

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For some time now I’ve wanted to start a serious blog, one where I would freely discuss the issues that matter to me (intersectional feminist issues: mental health/illness, racism, sexism, ableism, etc.), but also where I can allow my creative work to be accessible to others. As a writer, putting your work out in the world is a challenge because a) it’s incredibly vulnerable, and b) there aren’t always accepting outlets. By that I mean, unless you want to self publish (which for some things I do) your work will remain quietly in your home where no one can see it and it’s not doing anything for anyone. 

I believe in open and transparent communication and in the free sharing of ideas and passions. I think art is something that must be seen, and while the practicalities of income and value hinder its accessibility, I feel that we should do our part in allowing at least samples of our work to be freely shared.* That being said, on this blog I will share poems that I don’t feel would fit a literary journal or collection I plan to publish under my Poetry page. As they come (though they are less frequent) I will also share any paintings, drawings, and other crafts I create under my Visuals page. And this page, my Perspectives page, will house my blog posts and prose with commentary on things as complex and controversial as politics (within news, media, art, etc.) to those as simple and personal as my own life’s circumstances.

So ¡bienvenidos! I hope you find yourself feeling at home in my Media Villa. ¡Mi casa es su casa! And my inbox is always open under my Talk To Me page where you can tell me what’s on your mind!

With love,


*Make no mistake, while I believe art should be accessible, I also believe that artists are legitimate workers who need income and compensation for their work! For this reason, if you follow an artist or other content creator whose work you benefit from, do your part in buying the items they sell or joining their Patreon or other funding source. For many creators, your financial support is their livelihood. ❤ 

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